• Organization and performance of real property views at the expert-level;
  • Marketing analyses and projections for suitable investment in real property, inclusive for fragments thereof, and for specific real property types;
  • Expert assessments of real property by licensed appraisers;
  • Professional assistance in mortgage borrowing for newly purchases estates;
  • Individual consultancy according to the specific requirements of the client;
  • Legal assistance for the transactions:
  • investigation of the legal and factual state of particular sites;
    assistance for the procuring of documents;
    investigation of the documents related to the estate ownership;
    checking of the estate for burdens, mortgages, interdictions, and disputes at-court;
    preparation of preliminary sales agreements;
    preparation of lease agreements;
    organization of Notary deals.


  • Representation of the estate owner before the different government, municipal, and private institutions and organizations, inclusive of calculation and contribution of tax and fees, due on behalf, and on account of the owner;
  • Representation of the owner before the organizations offering supply of community services. Payment on behalf, and on account of the owner, of the current accounts concerning the community services of the estate;
  • Insurance under preferential conditions;
  • Activities of maintenance and servicing of the common parts of an estate, on behalf, and on account of the owner;
  • Monitoring of the timely payment of leases and consumables, collection and payment of the due leases and installments;
  • Informing the owner about the current condition of the estate;
  • Monthly (or other periodical) reporting before the owner; summarized annual report;
  • Keeping of a detailed file concerning the estate management.
  • Other additional services, upon request of the owner.

The Management Fees are determined depending on the type of the specific property and of the services required by the client.


  • For Buyers: A virtual video-tour of the estate, at a time and place convenient for you!
  • For Sellers: Creation of a commercial image of your site, using state-of-the-art technical facilities. Development and implementation of an advertising strategy for the attractive presentation of your site!
  • For Rentals: We shall select the criteria for potential tenants, as suggested by you!

Confirming the principle of individual approach, we may offer an additional broad scope of services, which are subject to agreement.