"TERRA LIBRA" EOOD has set the ambitious task to respond to the ever-growing needs for competent services - by striving to cover all segments of the real estate market.

"TERRA LIBRA" EOOD has built its prestige on its specialists, who guarantee qualified services in the real estate area: a dynamic team of professionals knowing the specifics of all sectors, and being correct in their work with all clients and partners. The team’s creativity and loyalty bring to indisputable results, which are all in favor of the client.

"TERRA LIBRA" EOOD perfectly meets your requirements, staking on the individual approach! We shall collect, process, form as a system, and analyze all necessary information – only, and personally for you. We shall provide you with expertise about the factors related exactly to your case.

Working with "TERRA LIBRA" Agency is a premise for your full comfort, objective orientation, and constant state of being informed for the realities at the dynamic real estate market in Sofia and in Bulgaria.

The website of “TERRA LIBRA” Agency    will give you access to rich up-to-date information about our offers, altogether with plenty of photographic shots.

Real Estate Agency "TERRA LIBRA" also performs intermediation activities in the demand for, and in the offering of real estate in Sofia, and around the country: consulting services for the purchase, sale, and rentals of real estate, as well as real estate management and control.


We shall find for you, and exactly for you, the right property, at the right place, just on time, and at the proper price!

Based on our individual contact with each client, we shall specify your specific needs, your exact ideas, expectations, and additional requirements.